We took the decision in 2019/20 to improve communications in the village by installing 2 additional noticeboards. We reviewed a number of options from suppliers of Parish Council style boards. For Phase 1 we planned to have a free standing one at the top of Peacroft lane and a wall mounted version which we subsequently mounted in the Wellbrook Medical Centre.

We obtained prices from 3 suppliers, and decided not to go with the cheapest ( for the free-standing) as we wanted a standard that was robust, of good design, and gave the best security features. The same company did supply the cheapest wall mounted.

The 1st 2 Boards, including installation, and anti-graffiti paint were £2055 (ex VAT)

The comparisons were:

Christmas Tree Street Lights

As a Parish Council we decided that we would like to do more to recognise Xmas in the village. Additionally during the spring/summer months we wanted to explore the idea of having hanging baskets throughout the village.

A number of Councillors had seen the Xmas Tree Street light displays in Hatton last year. We approached the Hatton PC who gave us the contact details of the supplier, Plantscape.

The advantages of Plantscape's offer are:

  • Solar powered - so no electrical supply issues
  • Lamp post mounted - no wall fixing issues on private property.
  • Not owned by the PC, rented just for the Xmas period.
  • All necessary testing carried out by the supplier, including maintenance and programming.
  • Brackets can be retained and used for hanging baskets and Xmas trees in subsequent years if we chose to do so.
  • Proven and successful with Hatton PC

Plantscape pioneered the lamp post mounted solar powered Xmas tree lights. This is their proprietary product.

The prices are £98 per half tree, and £15 per each lamp post tested. We decided that, in order to get a good spread across the village ( Main Street, and Welland Road) we would order 40 half-trees, across 20 lamp posts. This results in an ex-VAT price of £4235 for 2019/20.

As these are proprietary products offered at a fixed price i.e. no options exist with this specification we are not required under PC ( or National rules) to obtain 3 quotes.

We felt that this offered value for money in support of our commitment to improve the village scene during the festive period , and the sense of community.


The previous website needed upgrading. Under new rules around accessibility the website needed to be compliant to those standards. We wanted to contract with an organisation who had a track record in websites with Parish Councils in mind, provided, training, on-going-support, email accounts, and flexibility of configuration.

We looked at many PC website standards and focused on 3 suppliers that delivered options that met our requirements.

A comparison was done, and a recommendation to proceed with 2 Commune. The initial set up and Year 1 costs in 2019/20 were £1450. Annual costs £800 pa

New Van

The previous Toyota Van was on a 3 year lease which expired on 30 January 2020 for which we were paying £200 per month. The van did on average 100 miles per month.

We carried out a considerable amount of research across the market place looking at new / 2nd hand - petrol/diesel/electric.

Our preferred option is for an electric van however the costs are prohibitive and we wanted to explore more commercial options to make this a value for money proposition. Our decision was to buy a 2nd hand vehicle as a bridging option; as petrol vans of the size we wanted were quite rare we accepted that a diesel van was the only option.

Based on the 2nd hand market, and the option to have a trailer, and external markings, we agree on a budget of £6,000. The van we bought cost £4495, before the markings, tow bar and trailer.

  • Van - Comparison of options (PDF, 485 Kb)

    Detailed analysis presented to December Full Council supporting the decision to proceed with a 2nd Hand Van and the budget maximum of £6000.

The 2nd hand Fiat Diablo van