How to Report Parking Issues

How to Report Parking Issues

We have added the following information to our Community Page for your local Police / Safer Neighbourhood Team

A large number of parking offences were de criminalised and responsibility removed from the police and given to Council Enforcement officers to enforce. Below is who does what and how to report to either.

Civilian Enforcement officers-CEOs are responsible for enforcing:

limited waiting bays

double and single yellow lines

on street pay and display bays

residents' parking zones

Blue Badge bays

loading bays

bus stops

taxi bays

school keep clears


dropped kerb access (also police if obstructing anyone at the time)

double parking (also police)

pedestrian crossings (also police)

car parks (with orders)

The police are responsible for enforcing:

double white lines

obstruction – for example, pavements with no parking restrictions

dangerous parking

dropped kerb access (also CEOs)

double parking (also CEOs)

one-way traffic

box junctions

access only

white-hatched areas

pedestrian crossings (also CEOs)

Report illegal parking

Civil parking is not a reactive service and requests for enforcement will be scheduled into routine patrols, as and when resources allow. Due to the large number of reports we receive, requests by email are preferred.


Call Derbyshire tel: 01629 533190

For police related offences, please tel: 101.

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