Memorial Meadow - removal of tributes

Memorial Meadow - removal of tributes

Polite Notice

The tributes that have been tied to some of the trees on the Memorial Meadow were removed this morning by Hilton Parish Council as agreed in their policy on the management of the Meadow.

These tributes have been bagged separately from each tree are being kept in the Parish Council's offices for collection. This course of action was decided on as no contact list for 'plaque holders' has been found in the Parish Council offices.

Please email the or ring the office on 01283 730969 to arrange collection.

In some cases various ties were damaging the bark of the trees. Alongside other trees, plastic tributes were deteriorating and blowing about. The intention is to keep the quiet dignity of the natural environment of the Meadow as a memorial in itself, to keep the asset the attractive place for quiet reflection that the community can enjoy.

Below is an extract from the Terms & Conditions, the full document is also attached.

A simple floral tribute is allowed on recognised anniversaries. The person placing such tribute is expected to remove it once the floral tribute has died or after a sufficient time to mark the anniversary. Hilton Parish Council reserves the right to remove such tributes if they are deemed to be excessive or are left too long. No tributes can be hung in the tree e.g. ribbons, CDs, Christmas Decorations as these may damage the tree and/or have a negative effect on the wildlife that enjoys the meadow. If a tribute is hung in the tree, the owner of the plaque will be requested to remove it. Failing that, it will be removed by Hilton Parish Council.

Posted: Fri, 21 Feb 2020 13:34 by HPC

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