Neighbourhood Plan

The Hilton Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan was launched in January 2018 and is being managed through a Steering group reporting into the Council.

The designated area also includes the Parishes of Marston-on-Dove and Hoon.

The Plan, which is a series of planning policies, will sit alongside those of South Derbyshire District Council and provide guidance on future planning applications.

The policies have been based on a number of consultations that have been held with the public in the area. More details can be found on the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group website

The Plan is due to go through further statutory consultations during the latter part of 2019. It will then go to an Independent Examiner and when accepted by them will be subject to a referendum in the local Area. Progressively, it will have significance in the planning process prior to formal acceptance.


On the 29th October 2019 we started the 6 week statutory Consultation of the Draft Plan. This is your opportunity to review the document we have prepared based on the previous survey results, advice from professional consultants, and South Derbyshire District Council.

You can view the plan, and complete the on-line response form by clicking the images below.

The consultation CLOSED on the 9th December 2019

Why are we collecting names and addresses?

Regulation 16 Consultation completed

Independent Examination

The Independent Examination is performed by a Government Inspector who will consider all evidence supporting the Plan and all objections received during the Consultation.

Once this has been completed and, following any agreed amendments, it is subject to a public referendum which is planned for May 2021.