The Memorial Meadow is an asset for the community of Hilton residents. It is looked after by Hilton Parish Council.

The central part is reserved for the remembrance of servicemen from Hilton, Marston and Hoon. To the left and the right of the central area are spaces for the remembrance of local residents. There is also a small area reserved for the remembrance of pets.

We need to have a few simple rules to keep the asset the attractive place for quiet reflection that the community can enjoy.

Terms and Conditions

Memorial Meadow Working Group

Cllrs Sandra Stanton, Chris Nield and Sian Davies

  • Memorial Meadow Working Group Report (PDF, 158 Kb)

    Within this report the arborist adviser confirmed that the young trees were showing signs of overcrowding and were in need of thinning out to enable them to mature appropriately.